As a family-owned business, MKS PAMP is driven by its forward-looking purpose, underpinned by its values to deliver a greater commitment towards sustainability/ESG. Through the empowerment of staff, operations, MKS PAMP strives to continuously create value for today’s and tomorrow’s generation.

Our guiding principles

It  is our purpose that guides our activities, whether it's maximising shareholder value, our purpose is at the core of our work - it means engaging employees by providing meaning in their work, and having a positive impact on the world  
At MKS PAMP, supply chain transparency allows us to have a greater oversight of our clients, suppliers and set goals on how we can generate greater value
We work with organizations that prioritise ESG initiatives and support our ESG commitments

Our approach

  • COLLABORATE – We define the objective by listening and exchanging with our stakeholders, and local and global communities.
  • DEFINE - we gather data and insights to create an ESG plan
  • ACT:
    • Assess – we conduct a rigorous ESG evaluation based on our established key performance indicators to define a framework in which we can act
    • Implement - we work with stakeholders to incorporate and oversee the ESG plan
    • Monitor – we measure and track progress against our objectives
    • Communicate – we share this information to our stakeholders
    • Continuous improvement – we gather feedback and set new objectives