The MKS PAMP GROUP prides itself in having experienced team members and recognized experts in the precious metals market. People are the main asset of the organisation. Here are some of the individuals who are helping shape the success of the group on a daily basis.



Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands

MKS PAMP GROUP B.V is the parent company of the group, providing the overall structure and financial strength.

Saji Jabbour

Group Chief Financial & Technology Officer

Group Chief Financial & Technology Officer of MKS PAMP GROUP since 2020. Over the past 10 years, Saji has led Audemars Piguet as CFO, CIO and Head of Customer service, where he progressively grew into larger and more strategic roles. Prior to that, Saji spent 10 years at Novartis in Finance roles for Operations and Commercial. Saji holds a Master’s degree from EPFL in Microtechnics and an MBA from INSEAD.

Clive Turner

Group Head of Business Strategy and Development

Head of the Group’s Business Strategy and Development since 2012, assisting senior management in planning future growth and direction as the business continues to expand its products and services. Having spent over 30 years in the precious and base metal markets where he held principal roles in leading investment bank commodities’ businesses, he has served on various LBMA committees and on the management committee for over 10 years.

Loek Gelling

Group Credit Officer 

Group Credit Officer since October 2017, responsible for the set-up, implementation and execution of the Group’s credit risk management function. He graduated from Nyenrode Business University’s Master of Science in Management program in 2005, after which he completed his Post Graduate Master on Risk Management for Financial Institutions in 2016, on the topic of ‘Risk Assessments of Commodity Traders’. Prior to joining, he worked in the corporate banking industry for 10 years, with focus on the area of risk management in the commodity markets, mainly dedicated on clients in the metals and mining industry.

Nicky Shiels

Group Head of Metals Strategy

Nicky has worked in the financial industry since 2007 as a commodities desk strategist where she gained invaluable expertise in the precious and base metals markets. During her tenure at a leading North American financial institution, Nicky established and grew their metals strategy platform through the composition of topical research, and provided integral outlooks for a broad range of market participants. She has actively presented at key conferences and industry events and is a regular media contributor. Nicky holds a degree in Economics (B.A) from Yale University.

MKS Switzerland

2 MKS Switzerland

Based in Geneva, Switzerland

MKS Switzerland is the main pillar of the MKS PAMP GROUP, providing financial and physical trading services exclusively to institutional investors.

Marwan Shakarchi

Marwan Shakarchi


CEO of MKS (Switzerland) SA since 1983 and member of the Executive Management Committee, he has developed the company into a leading integrated precious metals group. Marwan, who graduated from The Wharton School of Economics, University of Pennsylvania, with a Bachelor of Science in Finance and Multinational Enterprises, regularly shares his expertise on the gold and precious metals market as a keynote speaker throughout the industry and in front of leading financial institutions, forums and journalists. He was a primary member of the Task Force Committee to prepare a report on commodities markets for the G20 summit in Paris in 2011. He is also an international consultant to the Shanghai Gold Exchange.

Karma Shakarchi-Liess

Karma Shakarchi-Liess

Vice Chairman

Member of the Board, member of the Executive Management Committee and Vice Chairman of MKS (Switzerland) SA since 1981. Karma is responsible for the treasury and risk management activities. She has been an integral part of the MKS (Switzerland) SA team for years, and thanks to her long-term thinking and attention to detail, the group expansion policy has reached its objectives. Karma holds a License in Philosophy from Paris 1 Sorbonne University.

Omar Liess

Omar Liess 

Head of Business Development & Group Head of Marketing

Head of Business Development and Group head of Marketing as well as being a member of the Executive Management Committee since 2018. Omar previously worked in the Netherlands as an internal controller for the MKS PAMP GROUP and was instrumental in the repositioning of the group’s digital strategy. During his time with MKS PAMP GROUP, he also started an alternative investment initiative.

Omar serves as Chairman of the board of GOLD AVENUE SA, an ecommerce platform focused on physical precious metals. Additionally, he serves on the Board of director of Pandion mine finance, a fund structure vehicle that provides financing to mining companies. He is also a board member of MKS Precious Metal Hong Kong. Omar graduated from the European Business School in London with a bachelor’s degree in International Business with a major in Finance.


Jay Schnyder

Group Head of Refining

Head of Refining since 1988. Jay travels extensively to Latin America and Africa to visit mine sites and perform due diligence assessments. Thanks to his in-depth expertise of the Refining and Mining industry he regularly participates as distinguished speaker in conferences around the globe as well as in panels orchestrated by the World Economic Forum. He holds a bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Lausanne University and followed an executive Finance Business course at Harvard University.

Joseph Stefans

Head of Trading 

Head of Trading since 2019. Joe has worked in the precious metal industry for HSBC over the last 13 years, starting in operations in New York and eventually moving to London holding various dealing positions in the front office eventually overseeing EMEA Metals trading in 2016.  He has served on the LPPM management committee from 2016 to 2019 as well as the LBMA Public Affairs Committee from 2015 through till today. He received a B.A. in Economics from the College of the Holy Cross in 2006.

Bernard Sin 

Regional Director, Greater China  

Regional Director of Greater China since 2020, and previously Head of Trading. Bernard joined MKS PAMP GROUP as a country representative of Singapore in 1996 and moved to Switzerland in 1997. He holds an MBA in International Business from the European University in Geneva. Prior to joining the Group, Bernard worked 6 years for Standard Chartered Bank in Singapore and Hong Kong as an FX and Bullion Dealer. Trading since 2007. 

Afshin Nabavi 

Group Head of Physical Sales  

Head of Physical Sales since 1993. He joined MKS (Switzerland) SA as a trainee in 1982 and worked within different departments of the group, providing him with an all-embracing understanding of the precious metals industry. Afshin is broadly experienced in the trading market, particularly in all aspects of physical trading. He holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration from Webster University, Geneva.

Priscilla Calmes  

Head of Human Resources  

Head of Human resources since 2018. Priscilla has an in-depth experience in Human resources management gained in HR management positions in banking, food industry, higher education and international organisations. She regularly teaches HR professionals within the framework of the studies for the federal certificate specializing in personnel management. She holds a master’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Business Administration, both from Geneva University.

Jérôme Cambazard  

Head of Treasury and Operations  

Head of Operations since 2017. Jérôme joined MKS PAMP GROUP in 2012 and worked as Head of Operations at MKS Precious Metals DMCC in Dubai for 2 years before taking the position of Group Financial Controller at MKS PAMP GROUP B.V. in Amsterdam. Prior to joining the MKS PAMP GROUP, Jérôme worked 5 years with Ernst & Young for financial and regulatory audit in the banking and financial industries. He holds a master’s Degree in Financial Management from Grenoble School of Management and is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant.

Olivier Demierre  

Group Head of Corporate Social Responsibility  

Olivier heads the MKS PAMP Group Corporate Social Responsibility function since November 2012. In that capacity, Olivier has led a number of responsible sourcing initiatives and participated actively in all major industry wide responsible sourcing initiatives and forums (he is a member of the Multi Stakeholder Group of the OECD Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains, a member of the Board of the Swiss Better Gold Association, member of the Governance Committee of the Public-Private Alliance for Responsible Minerals Trade). Olivier joined the MKS PAMP GROUP in 2000. Before that, he gained in-depth experience in the Banking and Finance sectors with management positions in the audit and business advisory as well as bank operations areas. Olivier is a Swiss Certified Accountant since 1992. 

Alessandro Mauro   

Head of Middle Office  

Head of Middle Office since 2016. Alessandro is an experienced commodity risk professional and held risk management roles in Lukoil, ENI, PwC and Sorgenia. Alessandro pioneered the application of modern risk measurement techniques to commodity markets and published several papers and articles. He holds a Political Economy degree from “L. Bocconi” University, an master’s degree in Business Administration in Energy Economics and Management, he is certified GARP FRM and PRINCE2 and a member of the EOC Committee for the Global Association of Risk Professional (GARP).

Jacqueline Mayor Meylan   

Head of Finance and Compliance  

Head of Finance and Compliance since 2009. Jacqueline is responsible for anti-money laundering and supply chain due diligence as well as the implementation of responsible sourcing practices within the Group. She has led the drafting of the LBMA Responsible Gold Guidance as well as the development of the LBMA best practice due diligence toolkit. She is also a member of the Accreditation and Certification Committee of the Responsible Jewellery Council. She is as well responsible to provide leadership, operational oversight and system coordination of financial information. Prior to joining the MKS PAMP GROUP, Jacqueline worked 10 years with Ernst & Young as Senior Manager for financial and regulatory audit in the banking and financial industries. She holds a master’s Degree in economics from Lausanne University and is a Swiss Certified Public Accountant.

Xavier Miserez   

Group Head of Sales  

Head of Sales since 2019. Xavier has joined the MKS PAMP GROUP in 2013, overseeing all legal matters and leading the onboarding department and client relationship, covering all upstream as well as downstream customers, trading and banking accounts. Prior to this, Xavier has worked two years for a Geneva based law firm prior to take the bar exam and another two years for Ernst & Young in a legal and regulatory department dedicated to banks and other financial intermediaries. He holds a master’s Degree in law from Lausanne University, and a Diploma of advanced studies in Commodity Trading from Geneva University.

Kulathusarma (Venkatesh) Thandaveswaran   

Group Head of IT   

Head of Information Technology since 2017. Venkatesh joined MKS PAMP GROUP in 1999 as Project Manager for GOLD AVENUE SA, where he played a key role in implementing IT Systems for precious metals online and catalogue retail business. With his in-depth knowledge in precious metals refining, manufacturing, retail and trading processes, Venkatesh is instrumental in implementing several IT systems across MKS PAMP GROUP. Since 2010, he has been driving the group’s IT strategy. Prior to this, he worked for six years in the United States and India as Systems Analyst. Venkatesh holds a bachelor’s Degree in computer science and Engineering from Sathyabama University in India.



Based in Ticino Switzerland

PAMP operates a state-of-the-art precious metals refinery and fabrication facility. PAMP is one the most renowned brands in the industry.

Nadia Haroun

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer since 2016. Nadia joined the company in 2009 as Head of Sales and Marketing. She began her career in the precious metals industry immediately after obtaining a master's degree in International Studies from Dauphine University in Paris. Prior to joining PAMP, Nadia developed her industry expertise by holding various management positions in Australia, The Netherlands, and with the French government Mint, Monnaie de Paris.

MKS Turkey

4 MKS Turkey

Based in Istanbul, Turkey

MKS Turkey’s office is the trading and distribution company for the MKS PAMP GROUP which focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Turkish Gold Exchange.

Cumhur K. Timucin

Managing Director

Managing Director of MKS Turkey office since 2010, he has more than 15 years of experience in gold trading and is regarded as an authority on the Turkish market. He holds an MBA degree from Middle East Technical University with a Bachelor of Science in Materials & Metallurgical Engineering. Cumhur also acts as the chairman of LCO Precious Metals and GCL Recycling and Refining.

MKS Dubaï

5 MKS Dubaï

Based in Dubaï, UAE

MKS Precious Metals DMCC is the sales representation office for the group and focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Middle East region.

Frederic Panizzutti

Managing Director

Managing Director of the Dubai office, he joined the Group in 1997, initially as Head of Research and Strategy, before taking a customer- and product-orientated position. Frederic is also responsible for MKS' press and media relationships and is a regular contributor and columnist for online media, TV and newspaper agencies covering the precious metals industry worldwide.



Based in New-Delhi, India

MMTC-PAMP is among the world’s most advanced gold and silver refining and minting facilities. The company is set up as a joint venture with MMTC (a government of India undertaking), the biggest trading company and largest importer of precious metal in India.

Rajesh Khosla

Member of the Board

Member of the Board at MMTC-PAMP India from its inception in 2008 after being on the Board of MMTC Ltd, India’s largest international trading corporation. Rajesh has been associated with the Indian base and precious metals industry for the past 20 years and has pioneered various innovative schemes for domestic bullion operations. He is a regular speaker on the subject at industry forums and conferences in India.

Vikas Singh

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer of MMTC-PAMP since 2020. Vikas has over 25 years of know-how in leading, growing and transforming businesses around a culture of innovation based on customer experience and building winning teams. Previously, he was the Managing Director of Pearson Education for India & South Asia, the world’s leading learning company and held key positions in companies such as Kimberly Clark and Airtel. Vikas believes in lifelong-learning and has attended leadership programs at Harvard Business School, INSEAD, Jim Collins Academy and across the Singtel Group. Vikas holds a degree in Business Management from FMS, Delhi.

Vipin Raina

Head of Marketing

Head of Marketing for MMTC-PAMP, he has been associated with the MKS PAMP Group since 2002 and with MMTC-PAMP since its inception. Vipin is responsible for overall marketing function for bullion and minted products, market research, new product development and customer engagement. With a strong sales and marketing experience of more than 21 years in base and precious metals, Vipin was invaluable in setting up the Company’s dealing desk in India. He has contributed significantly to the Company’s in-house developed retail distribution platform, which manages its all-India minted product distribution.

MKS Thailand

7 MKS Thailand

Based in Bangkok, Thailand

MKS Precious Metals (Thailand) is the sales representation office for the group which focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Thai market.

Sudarat Unakul

Managing Director

Managing Director of the Thailand office, Sudarat was significantly involved in the establishment of MKS Precious Metals (Thailand) in 1997 and has since built a strong business relationship with all major gold traders, especially on the precious metals physical trading via renowned services team. She studied Business Administration in the US.

MKS Malaysia

8 MKS Malaysia

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

MKS Precious Metals Sdn Bhd is the trading and distribution company for the MKS PAMP GROUP which focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Malaysian market.

Joseph Ng

Managing Director

Managing Director for MKS PAMP Group’s business in Malaysia, Joseph is also currently acting as strategic director for the South East Asian markets, responsible for the development and implementation of business strategies in Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. As an active member of the Federation of Goldsmiths and Jewellers Association of Malaysia, Joseph has been instrumental in the negotiations with the Malaysian authorities on Goods and Services’ Tax exemptions and taxations for precious metals.

MKS Singapore

9 MKS Singapore

Based in Singapore

MKS Precious Metals (Singapore) is the sales representation office for the MKS PAMP GROUP which focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Singaporean and south-east Asian region.

Eddie Ng

Managing Director

Having joined the company in 2009 as a bullion dealer, Eddie has since progressed through increasingly responsible roles in business development and physical trading with MKS Singapore. Eddie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore, majoring in Finance.

MKS Hong Kong

10 MKS Hong Kong

Based in Hong Kong

MKS Precious Metals (Hong Kong) is the trading and distribution company for the MKS PAMP GROUP which focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Hong Kong market.

Frederick Siu

Managing Director

Frederick has more than 28 years of physical trading experience, having worked in ScotiaMocatta HK and Mitsui HK as head of precious metals sales and marketing. Frederick received a MBA (Financial Management) at University of Hull (UK) and BA (Hons) in Accounting at London Metropolitan University (UK). He is also a certified Public Accountant (CPA) from Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA) and Chartered Public Finance Accountant (CPFA) from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA UK).

PAMP Shanghai

11 PAMP Shanghai

Based in Shanghai, China

PAMP Shanghai, is the trading and distribution company for the MKS PAMP GROUP focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Chinese market.

Minqi Chai

Managing Director

Chai Minqi has been the Managing Director of PAMP (Shanghai) Precious Metals Trading Co., LTD since 2008. Before joining MKS PAMP GROUP, he was already in the coin business, both numismatic and bullion coins for more than twenty years.

MKS Australia

12 MKS Australia

Based in Sydney, Australia

MKS Precious Metals (Australia) Pty Ltd, is the trading and distribution company for the MKS PAMP GROUP which focuses on servicing the specific needs of the Australian market, including the operation and administration of the Group trading book during Asian trading hours.

Jason Cerisola

Managing director

Managing director since 2018, Jason was first Head of Trading for the Australian Office, responsible for the management of the Group's trading operations in the Asian time zone. He joined the MKS Sydney office in 1998 as a Trainee Dealer and has been involved in the development of the Group's trading business in precious metals and foreign exchange ever since. Jason and his team co-ordinate the trading and other business activities with the Group’s subsidiary offices throughout Asia and India.

Manfra Tordella & Brookes

13 Manfra Tordella & Brookes

Based in New York City, USA

Part of the MKS PAMP GROUP since 2002, MTB provides individuals and institutions with a wide selection of international legal tender bullion coins and pure investment bars.

Chris Carkner

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer of MTB since 2019, Chris has extensive knowledge of the bullion and precious metal industry. Prior to joining MTB, Chris was responsible for the global sales for Bullion (including Refinery, Storage and Exchange Traded Products), Numismatics and the Foreign Circulation businesses at the Royal Canadian Mint. Chris started his career at the Royal Canadian Mint in 1996 as an IT consultant and subsequently held progressively senior positions in IT, Marketing and Sales.  Chris holds a Master of Business (MBA) Degree from the University of Ottawa.

Kevin Connell

Chief Operating Officer

Chief Operating Officer of MTB, he has extensive background in both the base and precious metals markets, Kevin came to MTB in 2016 with a keen eye for financials in this unique industry. Overseeing the accounting, finance and IT teams, implementing and securing MTB’s trading and logistics platforms and streamlining operational processes in all facets of the company, Kevin, who worked for J.P. Morgan Metals & Concentrates for seven years and then continued with Freepoint Commodities for another five, also acts as a liaison with our MKS PAMP partners across the globe.

Roy Friedman


President of MTB, he has extensive knowledge in all facets on the precious metals industry. In addition to his trading experience, he is a well-respected commentator and writes a blog that appears several times a week on the MTB homepage. Roy has held executive level positions at several industry leading trading companies through his career. While working closely with all departments, he has principal responsibility for the trading and sales activities of the company.



Based in Geneva, Switzerland

GOLD AVENUE SA is the retail arm of the MKS PAMP GROUP and operates a e-commerce platform to provide individuals with a wide selection of international legal tender bullion coins and our group products. 

Alessandro Soldati

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer since 2017, Alessandro has a strong e-commerce background. Prior to joining the Group Alessandro founded two retail websites with several thousand customers around Switzerland. Additionally, he is a board member of Corriere del Ticino Holding SA, the main publishing group in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, and Vallombrosa SA, a company active in the management of campsites. Alessandro graduated from the Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC) in Lausanne with a bachelor’s degree in Management.