MKS PAMP GROUP Appoints Betty Yang as VP Business Development,  Minting, Asia-Pacific Region
Jun 2021

MKS PAMP GROUP Appoints Betty Yang as VP Business Development, Minting, Asia-Pacific Region

AMSTERDAM – June 11th, 2021 – MKS PAMP GROUP, a leading precious metals group today announces the appointment of Betty Yang as VP Business Development, Minting, Asia-Pacific Region.

Betty Yang brings over 10 years’ experience in precious metals, specifically in the minted products sector from business development, imports & exports, and distribution. Prior to joining the Group, Betty successfully launched a bullion coin program at the Royal Australian Mint and began her career at China Gold Coin. Betty holds an MBA from The University of International Business & Economics, Beijing.

Betty will be working with Group brands including MTB and MKS Asia-Pacific offices to accelerate growth in our minted products business across the region, with a focus on PAMP minted bars, custom minting services and sovereign bullion coin distribution.

“The Group brings together renowned precious metal brands, international standards of excellence and a global team of highly skilled and experienced professionals. I am thrilled to be a part of MKS PAMP GROUP’s team and further promote the brand through business development activities across Asia-Pacific” commented Betty Yang, VP Business Development, Minting, Asia-Pacific Region at MKS PAMP GROUP.

Chris Carkner, the Group’s Global Head of Minting says “We are excited to welcome Betty to our team as we look to expand the MKS PAMP GROUP’s Minting business in key global markets.  Betty’s extensive industry experience supports our goal to deliver superior products and services to existing and new customers alike in the Asia-Pacific region.”


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The MKS PAMP GROUP is an industrial and trading services group specializing in all aspects of the precious metals business. This family company was established over 60 years ago and is now an innovative global business serving precious metals producers, users and traders worldwide.

This leading integrated precious metal group comprises five major brands: MKS, PAMP, MMTC-PAMP, MTB and GOLDAVENUE employing over 700 people. The group has a local presence in key precious metal markets, through 2 refineries and mints and 15 offices.

The group also prides itself on its excellence in corporate and social responsibility, its leading role in developing an ethical and transparent value chain and constant innovation in its products and services.