Sustainability is a core principle of MKS (Switzerland) SA and of the MKS PAMP GROUP and is a key criteria for benchmarking all our operational activities. Setting the highest standards of integrity, accuracy, honesty, fair dealing, treating people with dignity and respect, and full compliance with all applicable laws are an integral part of this principle and are enshrined in our group code of conduct.

Responsible Sourcing

1 Responsible Sourcing

To ensure that all precious metals in the MKS PAMP GROUP supply chain are not tainted by conflict or human rights abuses, our Responsible Precious Metals Group Policy,  clearly articulates our commitment for an ethical and responsible supply chain. In addition, we have initiated many international and industry-wide initiatives and collaborate closely with organisations to set the highest codes of conduct for the industry as a whole. To consult our responsible sourcing policies and initiatives, please click here.