MKS' team works continuously to offer a comprehensive range of trading tools and services to support our clients. We leverage our undisputed technical expertise as well as our global infrastructure to provide our customers with competitive prices and sharp execution.

Spot Precious Metals

1 Spot Precious Metals

MKS operates at the centre of the precious metals markets. Our experienced trading and sales teams around the globe offer real time continuous pricing in all metals. Our access to international and local markets gives us the knowledge and capability to deliver the best available pricing and spreads to our broad client base.

With pricing available in multiple currencies and all major bullion products, MKS consistently offers market depth, liquidity and ease of execution that is unrivaled in its field.

All our trading is supported by industry leading confirmation and settlement systems. Our sales teams are available to support and guide customers for an optimal trade execution experience.

Forward & Financial Swaps

2 Forward & Financial Swaps

The MKS team can offer precious metals pricing to our customers on a forward basis in a broad range of currencies and maturities. Pricing can be outright or adjusted forward at a later time with transparent and competitive quotes.

Position management is enhanced by a variety of financial tools to roll or defer settlement. We assist our clients to dynamically manage their open positions through short term market swaps.

Price Risk Management

3 Price Risk Management

Depending on their position in the precious metals value chain, our clients have diverse needs: from producers looking to take advantage of short term market spikes to industrial consumers wanting to price longer term supply contracts.

Our access to the most liquid bullion markets allows us to best support our clients commodity pricing and risk management.

Operating on all leading exchanges and offering the full range of risk management tools, we work with our clients to provide bespoke strategies best suited to their specific requirements.