MKS sits at the centre of a group of precious metal companies. Our vertical integration along the precious metals transformation chain allows us to offer a unique combination of refining products and services to our customers. 

Multi Services Offering

1 Multi Services Offering

Alongside the refining excellence of its sister companies and through its central role in the MKS PAMP GROUP, MKS can offer a variety of products and services.

We endeavour to provide our clientele with a fully customised refining solution incorporating, amongst others, financing, purchasing and market leading logistic capabilities. The synergies that exist between our group companies and MKS give us access to the most competitive pricing for all forms of refining material from dore through to recycled material.

Flexible Solutions

2 Flexible Solutions

MKS has a worldwide client base: shipping, purchasing and refining material on a daily basis. It is our core expertise to handle daily movements of physical material and to understand the time and financial implications of these movements. With our long established team of logistics experts, we can optimise our customers’ metal movements around the globe and propose the best payment terms.

Our physical and logistics strengths, when combined with our financing services offering, put us in a unique position in the refining space. Some of the popular features that can be incorporated in our commercial solutions are pre-payments, pre-delivery sales, pricing capabilities for purchasing spot and forward physical material. We will customize our proposals to the maximum in order to fit our clients’ needs and endeavor to provide innovative solutions, including the first “mine site to market” financing facilities to the mining industry.