MKS is able to offer refining of both primary and secondary precious metals-bearing material to the highest purity standards. With fast turn-around times and competitive costing, our refineries combine the best in class facilities with an excellence in service. In addition, we pride ourselves in setting industry leading standards in responsible mining, sourcing and precious metals chain of custody.


1 Dore

MKS sources gold and silver doré from around the globe. We collaborate with new mining groups operating in new jurisdictions, as well as with large multi-national groups as they expand their geographic footprints. We have brought many of the new mines production to market and helped position a number of new countries on the gold producing map.

Our refineries in Switzerland and India accept a wide range of precious metal dore purities as input and optimise logistics and timing from mine site to outturn.

Doré is an essential input to our manufacturing plants and is a major supply element of the group’s vertical integration. Dedicated MKS staff has been working on the ground and travelling to mine locations on a regular basis to build trust, reliable information channels and to become the partner of choice for miners. MKS is always keen to expand our relationships with producers of precious metal doré and refine their raw products to the highest standards.

Recycled Material

2 Recycled Material

Recycled material from the secondary jewellery market, investment bars and spent industrial material represent a significant portion of our refineries’ input. As an example, we collect and refine old jewelry from South East Asia, non London Good Delivery (LGD) bars from the banking industry and PGM gauzes from the oil industry.

Our sourcing of secondary material follows the most rigorous industry standards around ethical provenance and KYC (Know Your Customer). MKS works with the primary industry, recyclers and collectors to deliver the most competitive terms for prompt collection and payment. This is combined with a range of ancillary services that offers the suppliers the best available solution for monetising their product.



MKS offers its clients a range of PGM refining services. The refineries’ specialised PGM laboratories can treat high-grade and low-grade platinum, palladium and rhodium in the form of residues, spent industrial equipment and recycled material.

To know more about the PGM capabilities, please contact your relationship manager.


4 Upgrading

Gold and precious metals may be held under various forms, but are only liquid and can immediately be transacted if they match international market standards. MKS specializes in bringing comprehensive upgrading solutions to the banking industry, including central banks.

We secure old stocks of gold and gold bearing material and process them so that they meet present day delivery standards. We are also very active in refining 995 and other good delivery bars into higher grade investment bars (9999 purity for example).

At our customers’ request, we can organise a segregated upgrading loop with full traceability of the material. this will guaranty that it is the same gold delivered at the refinery that returns back to the client in a refined format.